BADLANDS is a community space located at 1007 E Fayette Street in Syracuse, NY (next door to the Spark Art Gallery!)

This space is collectively run by a small group of volunteers. We are open to ideas and would appreciate participation from other members of the community. We do NOT book shows, we merely provide the space to those interested in holding events here.

We mainly host live music events, but we are open to hosting any type of event-- art showings, meetings, discussion groups, studio space... the more creative the better!

We also have an ever-growing record distro.


We aim for inclusion of all people and hope to foster a great creative spirit among attendees!



- We are an ALL-AGES space.  No booze or drugs allowed!
- No fighting or general disrespect.  Pretty obvious, right?  Don't be a jerk.
- There are other businesses in the same building/lot as us so please be respectful and don't fuck around!  This means no graffiti/tagging/stickers whatever on other places around us.  We do not like to deliver beatings with a sack of doorknobs, but if need be, we will find a sack, a bunch of doorknobs, and administer said beating while watching you scrub off your crappy tag name with a toothbrush.