A Reminder: we are an alcohol/drug free venue.  We want to be all ages and welcome as many people as we can to our space so please be respectful and do what you do somewhere else.  Please and thanks a bunch.

The month of all hallow's eve is upon us (is that a thing?), so be prepared to dress up or pay up. There's two Halloween shows at the space this year. Hopefully one of them will appeal to you!

In other news, there is a cover show/singalong in the works for early December. If you and your band want to do some fun covers for a good cause, get at and let her know what you're looking to do. Keep in mind that it is a benefit show for Badlands. Thanks for everyone's ongoing support and as always, we'd love your input.

It's been awhile since there has been any updates here so why not make one!  First off, August is a really busy month with a bunch of shows and events going on.  Please try to come on down and check out at least one or two because, guaranteed, there's some stuff going on that you've never heard before and you will probably be surprised by what you see.
Secondly, we have new rental rates.  It's still the 35% of the door deal, with a minimum $75 fee.  BUT, if you are a member rental rates still remain at $50 minimum/ 35% of door.  So, if you want to do an event it would behoove you to become a member.  Plus, it's a great way to keep involved and support our venue.  Nice, right?
Finally, it's over a month away, but the annual ACHC Fest returns!  The weekend of September 24th and 25th will be a two day event at Badlands featuring the newest, best, and brightest of Syracuse punk/hardcore for a low, low price of $5 for the whole weekend!  You cannot beat that!  More info forthcoming, but it will be a banger for sure.

Hey all!  Thanks to the droves that came out for FLYERSTORM!  It was a great event and the first time we ever tried anything like that at the space...  so hopefully it won't be the last!  And if you missed it..  well, nertz to you.  Look for the photos...  somewhere.
Moving on, May is PACKED to the gills with shows, all quite varied.  It's a busy month so come out and support.  If you don't have a membership yet now would be a great time to do so.  With all the shows coming up you can save yourself a good chunk of dough doing so and foster an unhealthy coffee habit at the same time.
This Friday (the 13th) OAK & BONE returns with WHITE WALLS and local upstarts CURRENT.  Then on Sunday the 15th NYC's new champs of noisy punk (and quite literally in their own category) THE MEN stop in with support from BLACK THROAT WIND.  Local metal band TIME UNDER EARTH will be giving away their new CD at their release show on the 20th.  Florida's NAZI DUST return on the 22nd with a rare appearance from the mighty RAT MASK.  Providence's champs of positive protest punk/hip hop PRAYERS FOR ATHEISTS and PEOPLE WITH TEETH pass through on the 26th.  Local crust mongers HUNGER PAINS will celebrate their 7" record release on the 28th and the month wraps up with an appearance from doomy Americana band ACROSS TUNDRAS with North Country stalwarts SPARHAWK and local rockers RUST EMPIRE joining in on the 29th.
See, that's a lot of good stuff...  isn't it?

Spring is upon us (kinda sorta) and that means it's time for some Spring cleaning!
On Monday (4/4) we will begin re-painting the interior of the place.  We'll get going around 6PM.  Then we'll come back on Wednesday (4/6) at the same time to throw a second coat on and finish 'er up.
If you'd like to help come on down to the space.  Bring crappy clothes you won't be afraid to get paint on.

Hi!  Here's some updates:
The last few days here have been a flurry of activity, with three raging shows that all did very well.  So thanks to all who made it out and had fun.  It was a very loud last few days here indeed!
But there is still plenty happening in March as we have 3 or 4 more shows scheduled before month's end.  It might be our busiest month yet!  Good thing too, because we're going to slow down for April as we will be re-painting/re-decorating the first week of the month.  Then, the last two weeks of April we will be closed as the university rents the space for student gallery showings.
We return in May for our own stab at a gallery showings- Flyerstorm, a collection of punk/hardcore flyers in the Syracuse area stretching back about 20 years and going to the present.  It is a bold undertaking (especially for people who have never hung a gallery in their lives), but hopefully it will turn out cool.
And that's it for now!  Next general meeting is Tuesday, April 5th at 7PM at the space.  Be there or pose!

Check the shows section for new gigs forthcoming and fancy new flyers for them as well.  This Monday we have the return of Whiskey and their folksy hard jams.  Also playing is downstate's Klessa, a favorite of the Castle Rockmore-era of living room shows.
ALSO!  We now have a coffee maker!  Woo-hoo!  Members get free Recess brand coffee at shows, while non-members can get a cup a joe for a buck.  Neat!
Of note as well, April is going to be a down time for shows for us as we will be painting/re-modeling the space a bit.  We are also going to try having our first art gallery shows this month and see how it goes!  We are also looking for an artist to paint a banner for us.  That's right.  We have the banner- a giant 8'x12' (approx.) banner to hang on the wall behind bands.  If you got the skill we have the material.  Get in touch via


Hey all!  The next general interest meeting/Badlands biz is on Tuesday, Feb. 1st at 7:30PM at the space.  We will discuss upcoming shows, membership, and other ideas anyone may have to bring to the table.  Essentially, figure on first Tuesday of the month for all meets from here on out.
Additionally, a lot of great, and extremely varied, shows have been happening all month.  It's been a lot of fun!  And as they say, variety is the spice of life!  So let's keep 'em coming!
Finally, the in-house distro has been updated so take a peek at what we got in stock.


Happy New Year everyone!
So to start off the New Year we are having our next general meeting to discuss current bisness, as well as new business.  All are welcome to attend should they be interested in joining up with our little collective, or have some things to share.  It will be held at the Badlands space on Tuesday, January 4th at 7:30PM.
Additionally, we hope to start offering memberships at the next show, which is on the 7th (see shows page).  We will also be getting a PayPal option up on this page soon, so those who can't be at every show, but still want to contribute, can do so through here.
That's it for now.


Hey all!
A lot has been done to the page, such as the additions of, ya know, NEWS (for starters).  But also, in addition to show updates we have added sections for contact info, about, and membership stuff....  basically anything you need to know to have a well-rounded idea of what it is exactly that we do here.  That way the sense of surprise and wonderment can be firmly put to rest.  Right?

Additionally, thanks to everyone who came out to the LEMURIA show over the weekend!  It was the biggest show we've had here so far- over 100 people paid at the door!  Woo-hoo!  We're happy to see the interest in the space and what we bring here, let's keep the momentum going!